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Install required drivers for Nokia phones

  1. Download the Nokia (OVI) Suite (link see below)

  2. Run the installation with the parameter

        Nokia_PC_Suite_eng_web.exe /UNPACK="C:\temp"
        Nokia_Ovi_Suite_webinstaller_ALL.exe /UNPACK="C:\temp"

    All files will be extracted to some subfolders.

    For Mobile Master only these 2 packets are required:
    - Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver.msi
    - PCCS.msi

    They are in the subfolders:
        Packages\CCD\Setup bzw. in Installations\Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver\
        Packages\PCCS\Setup bzw. in Installations\PCCS

  3. You can install both packages e.g. with the parameters
        msiexec /i "msi-Datei" /passive
    so they will be installed quietly and without any dialog, except the UAC box on Windows Vista/7.


You find all the parameters of the Nokia OVI/PC Suite installation in this document (by Nokia):


Nokia PC Suite 7.1

Since Nokia PC Suite 7.1 the parameter describe above does no longer. But you can open the file Nokia_PC_Suite_ALL.exe with a zip tool (e.g. Powewr Archiver) anmd extract the file Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver.msi and PCCS.msi.



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