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Advantages of Mobile Master

Why Mobile Master? There are free PC Suites from the manufacturers

Here some of the advantages of Mobile Master:

  • For many mobiles
    Mobile Master can be used for a wide variety of handsets regardless of the manufacturer. With Mobile Master you need only one cell phone/synchronization tool.

  • Synchronize
    not only with Outlook but with many other programs/PIMs

  • Phone numbers
    Mobile Master removes all invalid characters in the phone numbers before transmitting them to the phone.
    E.g. Outlook:  +49  (030) 1234564765   ->  Mobile Master   ->   phone:  +49301234564765

  • Multiple contacts folders
    Mobile Master supports to synchronize with all the contact folders you want to and not only with one as most of the free PC Suites.

  • Many Filters
    Mobile Master offers many filters, e.g. to modify numbers for the phone or exclude certain categories or namens

  • Import/Export
    Mobile Master can import from a lot of files and PIMs, e.g. Nokia Backup files, VCard files from the MAC OS, and many more.















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