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Available Reports

Data is prepared and exported in PDF, Word, Excel, or Text formats for further use. Templates are available for all formats which can also be modified for your own requirements or designed entirely for your own use. Users can also configure how exhaustive the report should be: if he just wants to see call lists, phone books, and SMS messages, a short report suffices. Standard still includes address books and notes, while photos, calendar data, or Java programs are only included in the exhaustive report form.

A report management function is available to search reports. For example, old reports can easily be found using a full-text search.

Of course, it is also possible to simply view all data desired without compiling a report.

How to compile a report using Mobile Master Forensic:

  1. Start the Assistant => it automatically searches for connected phones
  2. Select the phone and click Continue (Next)
  3. Select the report type (short, standard or long) and click Continue
  4. Select format: Text file, RFT file, Word document and/or Excel spreadsheet and click Continue
  5. The report is compiled

Compile a Report - The Options:

  • Report/export formats: PDF (installed Adobe Acrobat required), Word document, Excel spreadsheet, text or/and RTF file
  • Report templates can be modified or created by the user
  • Configuration: short, standard, and exhaustive reports
  • Short: call lists, phone books, SMS
  • Standard: Plus address book, notes
  • Exhaustive: plus photos, organizer data, tasks, call forwarding, file system, browser bookmarks, Java programs
  • Existing reports can be subjected to a full-text search
  • All readable data is made available in reports
  • All data on the phone can be read and displayed without having to compile a report
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