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Transfer appointments and tasks

With Mobile Master Copy Station you can transfer the appointments and tasks to your new cell or smartphone.

As source

  • Your old cell phone
  • Nokia PC / OVI Suite
  • Nokia backup file (nbu file)

Load data from the old phone:

  • Check if your phone is in the list of supported devices.
  • If not, Mobile Master is able ot load the data from most Nokia phones and from many Samsung phones.

Laod data from the Nokia PC / OVI Suite

  • Mobile Master Copy Station can import the data directly from an installed Nokia OVI / PC Suite. If you have at least once read in the data (calendar) from the phone with the Nokia PC/OVI Suite, Mobile Master Copy Station can read them in. In case you had more then one Nokia phone used with the Ovi/PC Suite, the Copy Station shows you a list of the devices for you to chose, what to read in.

Laod from a file

  • Mobile Master Copy Station can read in ics and vcs files and then transfer them to the new handset
  • Nokia Backup file:
    You have created a backup of the phones date with the Nokia PC or OVI Suite, but you no longer have installed the Nokia software. No problem, Mobile Master Copy Station reads in the appointments and tasks from the Nokia backup file (nbu file) ein and transfers them to your new smartphone.
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