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Supported Email Clients and PIMs

The unique feature of Mobile Master is its ability to support mobile phone models as well as email clients and contract programs and PIMs1 from a wide range of manufacturers. The supported email clients in addition to Outlook and Outlook Express also include programs such as Palm Desktop, Tobit David or Novell GroupWise, the Open-Source area with Thunderbird or Web applications such as Mozilla Lightning, Sunbird or Google calendar.
Transfer or synchronization of all data is not supported for all programs. To check which programs are supported, please consult the following table. It shows you whether the program you want is supported and which functions.

1 PIM = Personal Information Manager

Supported Clients Addresses to Phone/PC Organizer to Phone/PC
Windows Vista Contacts YesYes NoNo
Windows Vista Calendar NoNo YesYes
Outlook Express/Windows Address Book YesYes NoNo
Outlook (97 - 2013) YesYes YesYes
Palm Desktop (4.1.2, 4.1.4) YesYes YesYes
Palm Desktop (6.2) jaja neinnein
Lotus Notes (R5-R8) YesYes YesYes
Tobit David InfoCenter (V8/V8+/V10/fx) YesYes YesYes
Novell GroupWise (7/8) YesYes YesYes
Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning YesYes YesYes
Mozilla Calendar/Sunbird NoNo YesYes
Mozilla SeaMonkey/Netscape(6.x/7.x) YesYes NoNo
Google Calendar NoNo YesYes
Postbox YesYes YesYes
Rainlendar2 NoNo YesYes
Opera YesYes NoNo
Eudora YesYes NoNo
The Bat YesNo NoNo
Text file (csv, ldif) YesYes NoNo
VCalender file (ics, vcs) NoNo YesYes
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