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Important information regarding Android 4.4 (Kitkat)


Why is Mobile Master no longer able to access the phones data?

With Android 4.4 (Kitkat) Samsung has introduced a new interface for the data access. The old one which is used by Mobile Master has been deactivated. This means Mobile Master is not able to access the phones data when Android 4.4 (or newer) is installed -  though a sychronisation is not possible.


What is still working with Mobile Master?

With the Copy Station you can transfer contacts to the Samsung Galaxy, e.g. by Email, via Dropbox oder memory card..


When will there be a new version of Mobile Master supporting Samsung Galaxy Geräten with Android 4.4 (or newer)?

Unfortunately this is unclear. A complete new develpment is planned. But this means a lot of work. Due to our other projects PureSync and Clipboard Master there is no time to start this new development. (April 2015)


What should I do when a firmware is found?

Samsung Kies or the phone itself searches for new Firmware (Android) version. In case an update to Android 4.4 (or newer) is show you should not install that update, when you want to use Mobile Master to synchronize and access the phones data. If you decide not to install that update, security issues which might be solved with the Android update will remain. So it is your decision whether to install that update or not.


Which Android version is installed at my Galaxy phone?

Goto the Settings -> More -> About device. There the Adroid version is shown.

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