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Version 6.3.2:
build 1989
  • fixed bug retrieving all categories from Outlook

  • fixed bug accessing the global address book in Tobit David

  • fixed bug importing contacts (build 1987)

  • fixed bug in the dialog to confirm deletions

build 1987
  • fixed bug deleting phonebook items in the Samsung SGH-D820

  • fixed bug with the message box "2"

  • fixed importing contacts

  • fixed problems decoding SMS from the BenQ S88

  • done 1st adaptations to the Motorola RAZR V3r and V3i: reading, writing the address book, reading, writing and synchronizing the calendar and the phone explorer working, as well as SMS, call lists.

  • fixed problem with Sony Ericsson (K750, W800,...) phones that Mobile Master was turning off and on (since version 6.3.0 final)

build 1981
  • fixed problem with the BenQ Siemens EL71 with new firmware

  • added official support for the Sony Ericsson K610i (although it already does with older versions)

build 1979
  • fixed bug reading/writing contact items from Samsung phones like the SGH-D500, SGH-D600, SGH-X700

build 1976
  • fixed bug: dialog for new calendar items did sometimes not appear in the month, week,.. view

  • fixed bug syncing the company country with the Sony Ericsson K800i

  • improved the dialogs 'was deleted in phone/outlook,...'

  • fixed bug in the calendar view: sometimes some appointments were not displayed

  • improved synchronizing the address book when items or fields should be deleted

  • fixed bug syncing contacts with Outlook: when a contact folder in Outlook was moved added or deleted there was the filter settings got mixed up.

  • fixed bug: syncing (contacts) with thunderbird after switching the (Mobile Master) profile did not work properly

  • improved the log file: added more information, to retrieve data in case of data loss and done an own windows for the log file

  • fixed bug with the calendar view with e.g. Swedish date format and with AM/PM time format

  • fixed bug with Nokia phones: in the call lists only the 1st item was displayed

  • Sync calendar with Palm Desktop reworked and improved:
    fixed bug: appointments too far in the future where doubled in the Palm Desktop and the location was not synced
    Mobile Master can now enter full day and recurring appointments in the Palm Desktop
    fixed bug with alarm with 1 minute offset instead of 0 when adding items in the PD

  • reworked the address book synchronization:
    - done extensive tests with all applications and some representative devices
    - now if for the same contact a field in the phone was modified and another field in PC application - (Outlook, Lotus Notes,...) was modified, all fields are now synchronized correctly
    - fixed bug sync with Palm Desktop when only first or last name was used (e.g. with the BenQ S88)
    - fixed bug sync with Tobit David when syncing by categories: new items added in David did not get a category if items with no category should not be synced

  • sync with Samsung SGH-D520 did not work due to wrong setting

  • fixed bugs with the display filter: actions were applied to items that were displayed as well, when more than one line were selected

  • added checking whether the entered date, time or number is correct.

  • fixed bug deleting contact items in the Samsung SGH-D530

  • fixed bug: save and sending to phone (in Outlook) did not work the 2nd, 4th, ... time

  • added support for the Sony Ericsson K510i

  • calendar view:
    - improved navigation (with the numpad) and cursor keys
    - now in the day and work week view the zoom can be changed (-/+ and the num pad)

  • added a Logo for Windows Vista

  • added support for the call lists of the Samsung SGH-P300

  • improved the test environment and added more tests

  • fixed bug with the new Sony Ericsson phones with more than one Email address if only the 2nd Email address was written

  • now in the phone/address book view multiple contacts can be selected (with Ctrl and left mouse button at column 1)

  • reworked the calendar synchronization:
    - fixed problem with items with the same subject
    - done new dialog to confirm deletion of items
    - fixed problem with doubling appointments

  • fixed bug: quick search in the calendar table did not show the found cell

  • calendar sync with Tobit David: now recurring calendar items are entered correctly in Tobit David (they did not appear in David)

Version 6.3.1:
build 1965
  • fixed bug with the calendar of the Siemens S45/Me45

  • field assignment: alternative for field combinations did not work

  • done workaround for crash on Windows Vista beta 2 when scroll in the address book list

  • added support for the BenQ Siemens E61 and  EL71, Samsung SGH-X670 and Samsung SGH-E370

  • fixed a bug writing repeating calendar items with exceptions to the phone (Siemens and Sony Ericsson)

  • fixed bug in the settings: infrared was selected, when a USB COM port was selected before, but the phone was not connected

  • fixed bug writing calendar items to the BenQ Siemens S88 and E61

  • fixed bug copying files to Samsung phones

  • fixed bug with address items with new lines with the BenQ Siemens S88 and E61

  • Sync with Lotus Notes: added an option to sync with in the public address books as well

  • fixed bug in the SMS Servant decoding SMS

  • fixed bug: synchronizing by categories with Tobit David did not work

  • fixed bug finding Nokia phones via bluetooth

  • on some systems the days were in the calendar view were displayed shifted by one day

  • fixed bug in the Mobile Master Agent: Mobile Master GUI was started instead a sync when a timer was used

  • done decoding of the SMS from BenQ phones

  • the Sony Ericsson K800i and the Samsung SGH P300 are is now supported

  • fixed bug with the field company: max length was not retrieved

  • fixed bug writing notes

Version 6.3.0 (final):
build 1936
  • fixed problem with new lines in contacts from Tobit David

  • Added support for the Sony Ericsson W700i and the Samsung SGH D520

  • Phone Explorer:
    Speeded up loading files to the phone, e.g. S75 with USB cable for 5MB files: 35seconds instead of 9 minutes!
    fixed some problems in the treeview of the phones file system

  • fixed bug writing a new address to outlook from a Nokia phone

  • fixed problem sync with Mozilla Thunderbird: SyncId was added multiple times

  • fixed problem exporting from Palm Desktop (on slow system)

  • fixed bug with mozilla/thunderbird/sunbird calendar with special characters in the path/file name

  • exceptions of recurring appointments are now correctly displayed in the calendar view

  • fixed problem with = in URL in the phone book (Siemens and Sony Ericsson)

  • fixed bug synchronizing contacts David InfoCenter with Nokia phones

Version 6.3.0 beta 3:
build 1933
  • now new appointments in Outlook are stored as booked

  • fixed bug with the Samsung SGH-D800: alarm were always on for appointments

  • fixed bug when starting a sync from the sync dialog, with no Mobile Master main window

  • fixed bug on Windows XP with restricted user rights: sometimes settings were not saved

  • fixed problems with the SMS Servant

  • fixed bug with birthday with Nokia phones: year must be after 1979

  • some optical improvements

  • fixed some minor bugs/problems

  • fixed bug with Sony Ericsson phones and appointments like each nth Monday each month

  • fixed bug saving special filters when syncing by categories (contacts)

  • fixed problem with search and replace

  • fixed bug with recurring appointments: end date was 1 day too early, exceptions did not work with Sony Ericsson and Siemens phones

  • done some little changes for Windows Vista and for Office 2007

  • continued with the new calendar view: recurring appointments and appointments longer than one day are now displayed correctly

  • optimized some code, speeded up

  • fixed bug: selected contacts folders/categories were sometime deselected

  • fixed bug: sending selected contact items from Outlook did not work

  • fixed bug: sync adr with csv file: deleting a field in the file was not deleted in the phone, but sync to the file

  • synchronizing the calendar with a ics or vcs file is now possible

Version 6.3.0 beta 2:
build 1886
  • fixed problem: full day appointments recurring for x days, appeared in the phone for one day too long

  • fixed problem recognizing nokia phones

  • continued with the new calendar view

  • fixed bug with: in the 1st step of the setup wizard the calendar of Tobit David was analyzed when David is installed

  • added the possibility to add a Outlook calendar in any folder (e.g. in a public folder)

  • added support for the Samsung SGH D820

  • added support for the Benq S88 calendar

  • added support for the Nokia 6021, 6270 and 6280

  • fixed problem with Nokia phones: sometimes the users name and not the model was found.

  • Copy Station:
    now the appointments and tasks and notes can be copied from one phone to another as well as the phone/address book
    fixed bug importing the contacts

Version 6.2.3:
build 1871
  • fixed bug: recurring items every xth each month with no end date and with 1st occurrence in the past were not synced to the phone

  • fixed bug: sometimes the todos where not synced from Lotus Notes to the phone

  • Palm Desktop: now the home and other address can be synchronized

Version 6.3.0 beta 1:
build 1866
  • implemented an (Outlook like) calendar view (month, week, weeks, day)

  • fixed bugs in the properties dialog loading pictures

  • Palm Desktop: now the home and other address can be synchronized

  • Added support for the address book of the Benq Siemens S88

  • fixed bug with Mozilla profiles with special characters e.g.

  • fixed bug with Sony Ericsson phones with only a first name with space, had +AKA- instead of space

  • added the possibility to filter the address book, calender and SMS

  • fixed bug when synchronizing the calendar after switching in the settings 'store as series'

  • fixed bug getting the 1st calendar (that should be synced) item from Lotus Notes

Version 6.2.2:
build 1823
  • added support for the Sony Ericsson W810i

build 1818

  • fixed bug with Siemens phones: renamed categories were not considered

  • added support for the Siemens Benq S68, and improved phone recognition for the S81, S88, ...

  • reworked reading the calendar items from Lotus Notes

  • speeded up some routines, e.g. calendar sync

  • wheel mouse did not work in the calendar and SMS view with non MS mice

  • fixed bug with some alarms read from the Siemens S65/CX65/M65 (1 hour offset)

  • improved phone explorer for Samsung phones

  • fixed bug: not all contacts were synced to the phone

  • the status window is now positioned exactly over the taskbar (if on bottom)

  • fixed bug: after a sync of the address book (and when the address book in the phone was empty) a new sync/compare did double all contact items (in the phone)

  • added field 'JobTitle' (Position) for sync with Outlook

  • done updates for the corporate edition

  • Tobit David InfoCenter V8:
    Calendar sync: time stamp of the calendar items was not retrieved properly and could result in wrong sync direction
    done changes getting the last modification date/time of contacts and calendar/task items
    Synchronizing of tasks to David now working

  • fixed bug in the address sync, when first name is empty and last name exceeds the field

  • fixed problem when starting Mobile Master while MobileMaster.exe still visible the task manager but has window

  • fixed bug with synchronizing completed tasks

  • speed up some routines

  • importing contacts from a (csv) file or from Excel did not import birthdays

  • fixed bugs with address sync with Thunderbird:
    county was not synced to Thunderbird
    sometimes the check if the Extension is installed failed

Version 6.2.1:

build 1791

  • added support for the Samsung SGH-E530

  • fixed problem connecting to he phone

  • fixed bug deleting all calendar items the Sony Ericsson K750i

build 1790

  • added support for the Samsung SGH-D800, Samsung SGH-X700 and Samsung SGH-E770

  • improved configuring/analyzing Samsung phones that are now yet supported

  • fixed problem copying files from Samsung phones

  • fixed bug with Samsung phones: calendar items with a " in the description could not be stored

  • fixed bug with Samsung E720: alarm of read items was always off

  • fixed bug with Samsung SGH-D500 and D600: tasks were not synced to the phone

  • fixed bug writing tasks to the Sony Ericsson K750i W800i

  • fixed bug loading SMS from the Sony Ericsson T610i

  • sync with Tobit David:
    done workaround, because 'last modification date' is wrong
    done changes and updated help and FAQ.
    fixed bug in the settings: all calendars were selected after restarting Mobile Master

  • Sync calendar with Apple iPod: now items in the past are synchronized to the iPod

  • fixed problem with space in the first name in Sony Ericsson phones

  • Sync with Lotus Notes:
    increased speed reading the calendar items
    fixed bug accessing the calendar

    when using a password (object does not have this method)

  • fixed some grafical issues

  • done tests with Windows Vista build 5308

  • done modifications for the Toshiba Bluetooth stack (e.g. for the level one MDU Bluetooth 2.0 USB stick)

Version 6.2.0:

build 1762

  • done test with the iPod nano: is now supported

  • now the notes at the iPod can be read and written

  • fixed bug: sync new birthdays from Nokia to Sunbird: was not stored as recurring appointment in Sunbird

  • fixed bug with the Outlook Cache and contact pictures

  • fixed bug with the upgrade

build 1757

  • fixed bug reading contacts from Tobit David in the last version

  • now the pictures of the contacts are synchronized to the Siemens S75 and iPod

  • fixed bug: deleting of contacts with photos in the Siemens S75 did not work

  • storing of bmp files assigned to contacts in the Siemens S75 did not work

  • fixed problems in the dialog field assignment

  • now the contact pictures are synchronized with Tobit David

  • improved the test environment and done some more test scripts

  • fixed bug with the Sony Ericsson phones if a contact had only a first name

  • fixed 2 bugs writing phone book entries to Nokia phone: sometimes wrong items were overwritten, sometimes not all numbers were stored

  • fixed bug storing SMS in the Samsung SGH-D500/D600

  • fixed bug retrieving the categories from Outlook

  • fixed bug modifying a calendar item in Lotus Notes (was always set to a meeting)

Version 6.1.5:

beta 2
build 1722


  • Sync with Tobit David Info Center V8: implemented calendar (appointments and tasks) synchronization

  • implemented address and calendar (appointments and tasks) synchronization with iPod Video

  • modified routine 'sync cell to PC/phone'

  • fixed bug when syncing with an outlook contact folder that were added manually and only this were selected to sync with: contacts were not added to this folder

  • fixed bug in the calendar series dialog: sometimes the types daily, weekly and monthly were disabled

  • fixed bug in the setup wizard: the setting for the calendar was sometimes always set to Outlook

  • fixed bug deleting SMS: sometimes the wrong SMS was removed from the list

  • fixed problem with Nokia phones, when the Nokia PC Suite is not installed

  • fixed problem that sometimes occurred when writing a phone book entry to the Samsung SGH-D500

  • special filter for contacts now working for Thunderbird

  • now the Samsung SGH-X6410 and the Samsung SGH-X660 are supported

Version 6.1.4:

build 1660


  • added a file open dialog to open files from the phone, e.g. pictures for address book items

  • done changes for the Samsung Z-series phones (Z107, ...): phone explorer can now show the file system and copy files

  • done changes for the Sony Ericsson W900i: settings set same as W550, and done changes in the phone explorer

  • fixed bug reading files from Samsung phones (E330, X640, ....)

  • done changes for the S75/SL75: now the phone book picture can be loaded and set

  • fixed bug with Thunderbird 1.0.7

  • fixed bug: deleting of calendar items in Palm Desktop did not work

  • fixed bug: special chars in SMS from Nokia phones were not decoded

  • done changes for long SMS in text mode (Nokia, Samsung)

  • fixed bug: command line files with " and spaces did not work

  • the Language Files are now in unicode

  • fixed bug with the setup wizard of the beta 2: finding Sony Ericsson phones did not work well, some settings got lost.

  • fixed bug: contacts were not removed in Thunderbird, when they have been deleted in the phone

  • fixed bug of the last beta: sync to Palm Desktop did not work properly

  • done changes in the Extension for the Thunderbird 1.5

  • fixed bug: option 'turn on the alarm only when between ... and ... did not work always

  • fixed bug in the last beta: alarm were always set on for appointments in Nokia phones

  • fixed bug with recurring appointments that have exceptions

  • recurring appointments are no longer written to the phone, when they do not star t or end with in the defined window (x days is past, y days in the future)

  • fixed bug in Agent: phone were not found

  • fixed bug sync with Outlook: sometimes a new contact was created in the wrong folder

  • fixed bug with Nokia phones: the phone number 'phone' could not be deleted in the phone book

  • fixed bug reading the phone book with photos from the Sony Ericsson T610

beta 2
build 1648


  • new Italian translation.

  • improved speed and memory usage

  • added support for the memory card of the Samsung D600 in the phone explorer

  • improved support for the SK565 Blackberry (SK6R)

  • now iTunes folders are displayed

  • WAV files can now be converted to MP3 files before they are copied to the phone

  • now all 2 email addresses in the Sony Ericsson K600 are supported

  • improved Copy Station copying from Nokia to Nokia: the fields setting was not ok

  • done changes for the Siemens S75 and SL75

  • improved some graphical issues (e.g. sort arrow)

  • now in the phone book view, columns can be hidden

  • now all drives can be displayed in the phone explorer at both explorer windows

  • fixed bug sync with Tobit David: the street, zip and city of a contact were not stored in David

  • fixed bug sync with Tobit David: defining a user name did not work

  • fixed bug reading the phone book from the Gigaset S44

  • fixed bug in the SMS Servant

  • done changes for Opera 8.x

  • done changes for short date format like DD-MMM-YY. e.g. 01-Jan-06

  • fixed bug sync adr with Thunderbird: new contacts that were added to Thunderbird, were stored in the wrong folder

  • fixed bug with the calendar of Nokia phones: recurring appointments were repeated for ever if an end date was set, and not the number of recurrences

  • fixed problem with the call lists

  • fixed bug: importing vcf files did not import the birthdays nor notes

  • fixed bug with special characters with Sony Ericsson phones

  • fixed bug of beta 1: writing entries to the address book of the S55/M55 did double them if they were modified.

  • fixed problems with ; in name or address

  • fixed bug sync with Palm Desktop: did sometimes result in double entries.

  • done mmln.dll and mmol.dll

beta 1
build 1597


  • fixed bug with the SK565 Blackberry (SK6R): the address was not displayed for some contacts

beta 1
build 1596


  • implemented displaying all of the WinAmp audio files

  • improved the play list display

  • done modules mmwait.dll, mmno.dll ,....

  • Palm Desktop AddIn for PD 4.1.0: the id is now stored in the user4 field

  • fixed bug: special filter was not stored for folder that were displayed with ... in the list (when the text is too long)

  • fixed bug: Address sync with Outlook: field assignment did not work always.

  • fixed bug Sync with Eudora 6: items were doubled in Eudora

  • done tests with Eudora 7 => all ok

  • fixed with the siemens phones sending modified address book items to the phone: there was an OBEX not acceptable error when the fax number was emtpy. "CHARSET=UTF-8;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE" was sometimes doubled (category)

  • fixed bug writing calendar entries to the E720

  • fixed bug: reading the special book (SB) and the SIM phone book (SM) did not work with some Samsung phones (e.g. D500)

  • fixed bug sync with Sunbird: not all calendar items were synced

  • fixed bugs in the Copy Station

  • speeded up some routines

  • now searching for a phone is done on all ports parallel, so this is much faster for COM port with a high number

  • fixed bug writing phone book entries to the Samsung SGH E730

  • fixed bug writing modified address book with only the 2nd fax number to Siemens phones (fax no was not stored)

  • fixed bug writing modified address book with to nokia phone (sometimes a wrong contact was (over)written

  • fixed bug reading/writing contact items from the Samsung SGH-E350

Version 6.1.3:

build 1559


  • Now Mobile Master can be controlled by a script file to execute commands automatically

  • export of notes implemented (to Word, Excel, Outlook, Open Office and Palm Desktop)

  • explorer view can now be switched vertical<->horizontal

  • now the sync date for each item is stored, because there were problems when synchronizing single items

  • fixed bug: not all obex header elements were examinated

  • now unicoded files can be read

  • done changes for the Sony Ericsson W550i: up to 3 email addresses and home and work address is now supported

  • now the Sony Ericsson W550i and Z520i are supported

  • fixed bug: some times the 1st character of the name was missing

  • recurrences with exceptions are now synced correctly with Outlook

  • started with complete code review

  • started with automatic tests

  • now exceptions of recurring appointments in the Palm Desktop considered

  • fixed lock when starting Mobile Master on Windows 9x/ME

  • fixed bug in the update (mmcommon.dll was not registered)

  • fixed crash on Windows 9x/ME/NT (SetLayeredWindowAttributes)

  • improved reading in the categories from Outlook

  • added support for the Samsung SGH E620 and E350

  • fixed bug writing non recurring calendar items to the Samsung phones

  • fixed bug: calendar sync with outlook: modified instances of a recurring appointment were not retirieved

  • Outlook AddIn: the button 'Save and send to phone' did not appear in Outlook XP (02)

  • fixed bug scrolling with the mouse wheel

  • fixed problem with the Samsung D600: not all phone book entries were displayed

  • Samsung D600: fixed bug: deleting of phone book entries did not work correctly, and the group was not correct written

  • now new contacts in Tobit David are created in the 1st contact folder to shall be synced

  • fixed crash in the phone explorer

  • fixed hang with the serial communication when the phone was disconnect

  • added the special filter to filter contacts by fields for Outlook

  • fixed bug decoding SMS that is part of a long SMS

Version 6.1.2:

build 1501


  • fixed bug: the email address was not entered/changed in Lotus Notes

  • added a new dialog for the Sync button at the navigation bar, to start a synchronization (and optionally delete al items in the phone first)

  • implemented a quick delete  to delete all phone book or all calendar items (Siemens and Sony Ericsson phones)

  • fixed bug with greek , cyrillic ... characters on Windows XP, 2000

  • implemented the phone explorer for Nokia phones

  • The Thunderbird extension now works with Thunderbird 1.5

  • fixed bugs with the calendar sync with Nokia phones (birthdays, items deleted at the PC are now deleted in the phone as well)

  • calendar sync with Samsung phones improved

  • fixed problem reading the phone book from the Samsung SGH-D600

  • fixed bug reading calendar items from Nokia phones: not all calendar items were read (e.g. Birthdays), did not work with Nokia PC Suite 4.88

  • fixed bug reading the calendar categories from Sunbird

  • fixed bug with some samsung phones: copying files to the phone did not work (transfermode was always 0)

  • fixed crash while searching for a phone (comwrite)

  • fixed bug: alternative fields were not stored

  • fixed bug reading the phone book from the Samsung SGH D500 and D600

  • fixed bug writing changes calendar items to the Samsung SGH D500 and D600

  • fixed bug syncing with a csv file (or importing from): the contents of the last field was not read, alternative fields did not work

  • fiexd bug with monthly recurring appointments, they were not stored correct in the phone

  • added exceptions of recurrences in the Sony Ericsson W800i, K750i, D750i and K700i

beta 0
build 1486


  • added drag and drop for cell in the phone book

  • Synchronization of the address book with Tobit David is now possible

  • fixed bug syncing with Thunderbird:
    - extension that prevented on some systems a sync to Thunderbird
    - the folder settings were sometimes not read properly
    - special filter did not work in the way to Thunderbird

  • fixed bugs reading SMS and the call lists (from Nokia phones)

  • fixed bug decoding SMS

  • long SMS from the Samsung SGH D500 are now decoded

  • added a length check of the calandar fields for Siemens and Sony Ericsson phones

  • fixed bug with the field settings: sometimes the settings were not stored as configured

  • fixed bug with the fields company and birthday

  • fixed bug with the phone book of the Samsung SGH E730: the fields were not correct

  • added support for the calendar and notes for the Samsung SGH E730

  • done workaround for the Siemens SK65: it has problems with appointments before 1.4.03

Version 6.1.1:

build 1473


  • fixed bug in the last revision: some graphics were missing, and the phone recognition had a problem (SB was missing)

build 1470


  • fixed bug sync to Outlook: if a contact was created in Outlook always the 1st contact folder was used and not the 1st one that shall be synced

  • fixed bug scrolling with the mouse wheel without the MS driver

  • added message box when Act db could not be opened, that it must be unlocked and must not be password protected

  • calendar with the Samsung SGH D500:
      fixed bug: new lines where not "translated"
      birthdays are now handled properly

  • fixed bug registering the AddIn for the Palm Desktop when the path to palm.exe contains a space

  • renamed redemption

  • fixed bug wiht the Samsung SGH E330, E700, E800 with the phone book

  • fixed bug: body of the calendar items were not retrieved from Outlook

  • fixed crash with Windows 98SE

  • fixed bug calendar sync: monthly recurring items were not synced the 1st occurrence was in past but the last in the future

  • fixed bug: new calendar items were sometimes not added to Outlook

  • fixed bug storing recurring appointments in Outlook: sometime the 1st occurrence or the start time was wrong

  • fixed bug with recurring appointments in the Samsung SGH D500

  • exceptions in the appointments  of siemens phones are now supported

  • optimized reading the calendar items from Lotus Notes

  • added import of contacts from Tobit David V8

  • added support for the the Samsung SGH-E730 and Samsung SGH-D600 (Connection via bluetooth seems not to work)

Version 6.1.0:

build 1445


  • fixed little bug with max length of the fields in the input box and prop dialog

  • fixed problem/crash (array could not be resized because locked) with calendar sync with Lotus Notes on some systems

  • now a Sony Ericsson phone is turned off and on again if required


build 1444


  • implemented copy table to an Open Office spreadsheet

  • implemented reading and writing the calendar of the Samsung E720

  • fixed crash with Palm Desktop when there is no calendar entry

  • fixed bug: sending a address book backup to the phone did not work with Sony Ericsson K750i, d750i, W800i, ...

  • fixed crash of the Outlook , on Exit

  • fixed problem with not registered MSSTDFMT.dll that cause Mobile Master top be very slow

  • added a cache for the mobile fields settings for faster profile loading

  • fixed bug: syncing by categories with Palm Desktop did not work

  • now the installed components are registered during installation

  • fixed bug with the Samsung D500: there was an error when writing an address book entry and the address book in the phone was empty

  • fixed bug with recurring calendar appointments in Outlook that have exceptions

  • added field birthday for The bat

  • fixed bugs: calendar sync with Thunderbird/Sunbird calendar:
    end date had 2 h offset
    recurrences were not considered

  • added a filter to sync only contacts that have a certain string in a specifiable field

  • fixed bug deleting calendar items in the Samsung SHG-D500

  • fixed bug calendar sync with the Samsung SHG-D500 when the description was longer than the phone can take

  • fixed bug installing the thunderbird extension (when spaces were in the path)

build 1394
beta 3

  • fixed bug in the calendar sync in the last build: only one appointment was red from the PC

build 1393
beta 3

  • done tests with the Widcomm Bluetooth stack and improved the setup wizard

  • fixed problem with the phone explorer and the Samsung D500

  • fixed bug in the phone explorer when deleting files on the phones memory card (Sony Ericsson K750i, D750i)

  • added support for the Sony Ericsson K600i, V600i

  • added support for the Siemens M75, CX75, C75

  • added checks when the phone has been powered on a seconds ago and is not yet ready for data transfer, or the PIN has not yet been entered

  • fixed bug: groups/categories did not work in the last 2 versions

  • loading of files from the Samsung E720 now working

  • added support for recurring appointments for the Nokia 6230

  • added support for the Sony Ericsson K300i

  • fixed bug writing to  the SIM phone book of the Samsung SGH E720

  • fixed bug writing umlaute to the SIM phone book of the Samsung SGH E700

  • fixed bug with the Samsung SGH E330 / E800 reading the ME and the SM phone books together

  • now recurrences for the Samsung D500 calendar are supported

  • fixed bug nokia phones when using infrared

  • added length check for the Samsung SGH-E330 and E300

  • fixed bug when updating calendar items from outlook

  • fixed bug importing csv files

  • now full day a events from sunbird, thunderbird calendar are synced

  • done changes for the area codes for suisse (and other countries)

  • updated the french and nederlands language file

  • added better support for the IVT BlueSoleil Bluetooth software (that comes e.g. with the MSI USB Bluetooth dongle)

  • fixed bug syncing calendar with Lotus Notes if there is a new line in the description

  • fixed problem with the category with Sony Ericsson when language other than English was selected

  • calendar sync: now for each recurrence type (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) it can be defined whether to store as series or as single appointments in the phone.

  • fixed bug: the settings for the calendar sync 'store series in the phone always as single appointments' did now work

  • implemented update of a contact from Thunderbird

  • fixed bug: log file not found

build 1364
beta 2

  • done a redesign: smooth backgrounds, new analyzer, new call list

  • now the field state of the Sony Ericsson K750i, D750i is supported

  • fixed bug: reading the calendar categories from Palm Desktop did not work

  • fixed bug: syncing by categories with Palm Desktop did not work (contacts)

  • fixed problem with writing calendar items to the Sony Ericsson K750i, D750i, K700i, S700i...

  • fixed bug with time format 24 hours but AM/PM was set as well (in the control panel).

  • fixed bug: sync with outlook: german phone numbers were not added to Outlook in the correct format (+ was missing)

  • fixed bug: sync calendar with Lotus Notes: birthdays synced to notes did have a wrong start date

  • Anniversaries from Lotus Notes are not stored as birthdays in Siemens phones

  • fixed bugs synchronizing the standard phone books (SM, ME)

  • fixed bugs in the copy station: copying to the Sony Ericsson D750i, K750i did not work

  • import of vCalendar files now possible

  • import of VCards now possible

  • added wheel support for Logitech wheel mouses in the tables

  • fixed bug writing contact item to the Sony Ericsson T300

  • now the Mozilla Thunderbird Extension is working, and though the synchronization of the contacts does work properly

build 1253
beta 1

  • done a redesign: tool bar in Office 03 look

  • fixed bug: sometimes a settings file was not written correctly and though some might be settings were lost

  • now the max length of first and last name together is considered and not the max length of each field separately (for Sony Ericsson phones)

Version 6.0.7:

build 1212

  • fixed problem: Agent did not find some phones connected via Infrared

  • now repeating appointments are stored correctly in Lotus Notes and Outlook

  • fixed bug with the alarm when adding an appointment in Lotus Notes

  • now the priority of tasks is synchronized (with Outlook)

  • now recurring items in Outlook with exceptions are now synced correctly

  • now recurring items in Palm Desktop are now synced correctly, exceptions not yet working properly

  • now recurring items in Thunderbird calendar/sunbird are now synced correctly, including exceptions

  • added a length checking for the Samsung D500 for the phone/address book items and calendar items

  • fixed bug: always the standard calendar of thunderbird/sunbird was used (settings was not stored)

  • calendar sync with Sunbird/Thunderbird/Firefox calendar: now all calendars can be synced

  • fixed bug with the time offset with the calendar sync with Palm Desktop

  • Dialog calendar properties improved

  • fixed bug: deleting items/fields in the Palm Desktop did not work

  • fixed sync problems calendar with the Nokia phones

  • added the location to the calendar items of the Nokia 6320i, 6820

  • fixed bug loading files from the phone in the phone explorer

build 1211

  • deleting of phone book items did not work

  • fixed problem writing to the Samsung D500

  • fixed bug: sometimes all folders were selected in the options for the contacts even if they have not been selected before

  • added settings to delete appointments x days in the past

  • fixed crash with the D750 settings in the mobiles.ini

  • fixed bug: yearly appointments were not synced if the appointment had already occurred in the current year.

  • fixed bug decoding SMS

  • now the priority of tasks is synchronized (Siemens x65 and Lotus Notes)

Version 6.0.6:

build 1208
14.7.05 DC + CB Edition

  • done a promo lic


build 1203
8.7.05 DC Edition

  • fixed bug: deleting of contacts did not work since 6.0.6

  • fixed problem with recurring items

build 1198
6.7.05 CB Edition

  • fixed bug: sync clock phone to PC did not work

build 1191

  • reading in the Lotus Notes fields did sometimes not work

  • fixed problem syncing repeating calendar items Siemens S65, CX65,SL65 with Lotus Notes

  • fixed problem accessing Lotus Notes 6.0.x in the last version

build 1176

  • fixed bug: time was not set in Sony Ericsson phones (in build 1170)

  • fixed bug: reading from Nokia did not work in the last 2 versions

build 1170

  • fixed bug with calendar items before 1970 with the Sony Ericsson K700i

  • fixed bug: was not send via SMS.

  • fixed bug: Umlaute (e.g. ) were not stored correctly in Sony Ericsson phones

  • fixed another crash when accessing the Lotus Notes calendar

  • fixed bug syncing the calendar with Lotus Notes: some appointments were stored as repeating appointments in the phone, although they were not repeating, some yearly appointments were not synced at all.

  • improved speed to retrieve the contact and calendar items from Lotus Notes

  • speeded up reading in the calendar categories from Lotus Notes

  • in case the user presses the cancel button on the phone during a sync, now a message box (retry, cancel) is displayed

beta 1
build 1146

  • fixed bug deleting calendar item in Nokia phones

  • fixed problem with Siemens phones (S65, M65, CX65, SP565): sometimes they do send wrong data packets

  • fixed bug reading file from Samsung phones

  • fixed bug: contacts without a number were sometime not synced.

  • fixed a crash while access the Lotus Notes calendar items

  • done special configuration and settings for DC

Version 6.0.5:

build 1113

  • fixed hang saving the notes to HD

  • fixed crash when synchronizing the calendar with Lotus Notes

  • fixed bug when starting a sync from Lotus Notes while the Mobile Master GUI was open

  • fixed problem with siemens phones: did sometimes turn off while reading with 115200 baud

Version 6.0.5:

build 1113

  • fixed problem reading the address book, calendar from siemens phones: siemens phone (S65) did switch off when rereading a file

  • fixed bug: setup wizard disappeared when starting Mobile Master with the parameter 'sync' for the 1st time

build 1110

  • fixed bug with the SMS Servant

build 1109

  • done changes for the Sony Ericsson K750: phone book, birthday field supported, calendar and explorer now working

  • fixed bug: exclusion did not work when a filter was applied to the excluded contact, but the contact name had the same prefix as the filter should add

  • fixed bug when syncing Outlook with 2 phones with different field settings and synchronizing without exiting Mobile Master

  • fixed bug in the last version: all calendar categories were always checked in the settings, calendar settings were sometimes not stored

  • done changes for the Samsung SGH D500: writing phone phone entries, default values changed

Version 6.0.4:

build 1108

  • CB Edition

build 1104

  • fixed bug registering: dialog did not appear

  • done improvements to analyze Samsung phones

  • added settings for the Samsung SGH-E850 and Samsung SGH-E610

  • When the sync is started from Outlook or Lotus Notes or Palm Desktop now the setup wizard appears if no setting have been made

  • fixed bug: calendar sync with Siemens and Sony Ericsson phones: if there were not calendar item in the phone all new appointments were created  for the current date and time

build 1089

  • new English web page online

  • finally fixed problem with Siemens phones: sometimes the phone turned off while reading, after having cancelled a read process before

  • last sms text is now stored (again)

  • fixed bug decoding sms

  • alarm was set to silent in the Siemens phones if an alarm was changed form off to on

  • improved synchronizing recurring appointments with Lotus Notes

  • fixed little bug: the umlaute were wrong in the quicksearch with the suisse keyboard layout

  • fixed problem with Bluetooth connection and Nokia phones

  • fixed problem with Lotus Notes: sometimes the calendar data base was not found

  • fixed problem: analyzer did not work with Nokia phones and the Nokia PC Suite 6.x

  • calendar: fixed bug with appointments recurring monthly

  • fixed problem with Siemens S55/M55: deleting calendar item sometimes was blocked

  • now multiple items can be edited together, e.g. to change the last name or the alarm for more than one item: select them and press F4

build 1071

  • speeded up ending data transfer for siemens phones

  • improved support for Greek and Hebrew

  • added support for recurring appointments with end date or number of recurrences for the Siemens S55, M55, S65, M65,...

  • fixed problems with syncing the calendar to thunderbird calendar 1.0

  • now recurring appointments in the phone are stored as recurring appointments in Mozilla Thunderbird/Sunbird calendar.

  • reworked the calendar sync:
    fixed bug doing a compare after a sync
    now the IDs are stored and used for the next comparison, so that if e.g. an appointment was moved and the description was modified, the sync will find the corresponding calendar item
    last modification date of the phones item is now used (if existent)
    fixed bug syncing repeating calendar items with Lotus Notes: only the 1st occurrence had the location.
    now repeating appointments with the 1st occurrence in the past with at least one in the future are now synced
    recurring appointments are now stored as one (recurring) item in the phone if possible, otherwise single appointments are created in the phone

  • added recurring appointments for the newer Sony Ericsson phones (K700, S700, K500, ...)

  • fixed bug with recurring appointments with every n-th week: were entered in the phone every week

  • fixed bug reading the phone book of the Samsung SGH-E300

  • reading and writing of the phone book of the Samsung SGH-E720 working

  • fixed when switching the profile from a profile with Siemens Gigaset to a profile with Siemens S55, and newer,.. Sony Ericsson T610 and newer: phone book was not displayed

  • added group (VIP) for the Siemens Gigaset S44

  • fixed bug doing a sync (key F8)

  • fixed bug: spaces were converted to -AKA- on some phones

  • fixed bug: sync the contacts with status window only did resync deleted item in outlook instead of asking what to do

  • fixed bug: calendar sync with Lotus Notes: categories did not work

  • fixed bug with some special characters (e.g. ) and e.g. the Siemens S65

  • if a sync with a Siemens phones has not been finished and 'synchronization in progress' is still displayed, now Mobile Master can get up the communication again

  • first synchronization of the calendar did show a warning and did not work (Lotus Notes db was not retrieved)

  • fixed problem registering on WinXP with restricted user rights

  • fixed a crash

  • fixed problem with the Palm Desktop AddIn on Windows XP when working as user with restricted rights

  • fixed problem with the Siemens S65, M65, SP65, SK56, ...: when setting the time during summertime (daylight saving) there was one hour offset in the calendar items

  • fixed problem deleting calendar items in the Siemens S65, M65, SP65, SK56

  • fixed bug: whole day events in the phone were added in Outlook always with today's days.

  • fixed bug reading sms from the Samsung D500: date was not correct

Version 6.0.3:

build 1044

  • fixed problem registering

build 1043

  • fixed bug with the SMS Servant: sometimes unable to find the phone

  • improved analyzing new phones for Samsung phones

  • phone book, sms and the phone explorer with the Samsung SGH-E800 working

  • fixed another bug reading SMS from Samsung phones

  • fixed bug starting a sync via Outlook or Palm Desktop or Lotus Notes: calendar was not synced

  • fixed with the Mobile Master Agent: some phone could not be found

  • fixed bug synchronizing the calendar with Lotus Notes

  • new german home page is online (9.5.05, 22:30)

  • speed up loading a profile

  • fixed problem MobileMaster.exe remaining in memory after closing

  • auto recognizing connected phone when a sync is started from Lotus Notes, Outlook, Palm Desktop or via command line implemented

  • removed some annoying messages

  • fixed but in the last 3 versions: reading SMS did not work with some phones (e.g. T610/T630)

  • fixed bug: send sms dialog: inserting a number using the 'To:' Button did not work in the last 2 versions

beta 2
build 1027

  • fixed bug in the updater (some dlls were copied to system32 instead of to the Mobile Master 's dir

  • added support for the calendar of the Samsung D500 (not yet fully tested)

  • fixed bug reading SMS from Samsung phones

  • fixed bug synchronizing the calendar: alarm offset was not stored in the phone (e.g. Sony Ericsson K700i)

  • fixed bug with special chars (umlaute) in the SIM and ME phone book

  • fixed bug with the Outlook AddIn: it did sent the Mobile Master profile to "Standard" instead of ""

  • done a new msi file.

  • modified quick search so that it works similar to the Firefox one

  • fixed bug with the alternative fields (when syncing with Outlook)

  • added length check of the fields for the Sony Ericsson K700i

  • fixed bug synchronizing the SM/ME phone book

beta 2
build 1010
(not public)

  • fixed bug: importing contacts from Lotus Notes did not work in beta 1

  • finally greek characters with Sony Ericsson phones should work

  • fixed bug with the pre and suffix in beta 1

  • Siemens Gigaset S44 (S440/445) now supported)

  • Fixed bug in the Outlook AddIn: Sync button disappeared when showing the contacts

  • Updated the german and english help file

  • fixed problem in the Copy Station

  • fixed bug collecting the fieldnames from Lotus Notes

beta 1
build 1002

  • fixed problem of build 1001: 1st time initializing did appear always

beta 1
build 1001

  • now more than one contact can now be copied using drag&drop from Outlook to Mobile Master

  • improved the Outlook AddIn: added a button to send all selected contacts to the phone

  • fixed problem in the phone explorer with Samsung phones

  • done changes for the Samsung E700: phone book and phone explorer now working

  • done changes for windows with Asiatic language settings

  • done changes for greek, cyrillic, ... fonts

  • now the Notes Add with update of a contact or appointment in the phone is working

  • fixed bug with mozilla/thunderbird profiles on a different drive

  • done tests with the UMTS phone Sony Ericsson V800 (V800SE): all ok

  • improved the phone explorer for the Sony Ericsson V800 (V800SE): the contents of the Memory Stick via USB and the contents of the phone can be displayed,...

  • now the explorer panels can be swapped

  • fixed bug reading contact items from Nokia phones (sometimes some elements of a contacts was doubled)

  • fixed bug in the Setup Wizard with the Nokia PC Suite

  • fixed bug with the Nokia PC Suite 6.5 (phone was not found)

  • fixed problem reading SMS from Samsung phones

Version 6.0.2:

build 983

  • fixed bug syncing with outlook calendar if non standard calendar folder is used

  • now sync with the FireFox calendar is working

  • fixed bug with the standard phone books (ME, SM) and with the Siemens Gigaset SL1/100/150

  • improved handling of the phones books of the Siemens Gigaset SL1/100/150, now the birthdays and the shortcut keys can be set.

  • fixed bug syncing the standard phone book (SM, ME, TB): sometimes not all numbers were synced to the phone

  • fixed bug synchronizing contacts by categories with filters

  • fixed problem with the menu when Windows Blinds is active (e.g. with skin iSkin)

  • fixed bug copying file to Sony Ericsson phones

  • fixed bug with birthdays in Palm Desktop and US time/date settings: if there was no birthday in the Palm Desktop, Mobile Master set it to 12:00:00 AM, and not stored in the phone (S65,...).

  • added support for the Samsung D500E, Siemens SK6R, SL6C (but done no tests)

  • added support for notes (memos) and the call lists for the Samsung D500

  • now deleting on and copying files to Samsung phones is working,

  • fixed bug: F4 did not work in the SMS center

  • fixed bug with the S65 (with USB cable): OBEX buffer was too big

  • improved speed of the phone explorer

  • now the view of the address book of Lotus Notes can be selected

  • fixed bug syncing with Eudora

  • fixed bug: Ol AddIn: store to phone did not work when Mobile Master was in tray

  • fixed problem with Siemens USB cable on fast machines (3Ghz?)

  • fixed problem exiting Mobile Master when communication is active

  • bug fixed Mobile Master Agent: Samsung phones were not found via Infrared

  • fixed bug with the sms Servant: reading and sending SMS did not work with the Samsung SHG-D500

Version 6.0.1:

build 955

  • loading SMS did not work in the last release

  • fixed bug in the explorer when displaying the drives (some folder were displayed, too)

build 953

  • now the phone book of the Samsung SGH-D500 can be read, written and synced, phone explorer works as well

  • improved the phone recognition of Samsung phones, so that not listed phones should work

  • phone explorer can now read dirs and files from the Samsung E330, D500

  • done tests synchronizing the address book (S55,S65, K700, 6230 with Outlook, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, Thunderbird) with the application and fixed some bugs

  • title read from a Lotus Notes contact sometimes contains '0' when it should contain nothing

  • fixed bug synchronizing with Mozilla/Thunderbird address book

  • improved the phone explorer: two panels for easy file managing / copying, file icons are now correct displayed

  • fixed bug registering the SMS AddIn for Outlook

  • fixed bug with SMS Add In for Outlook 2000

  • improved the updater

Version 6.0.0:

build 943
beta 2

  • now the phone book of the Samsung SGH-E300 and SHG-E330 are supported (including all fields and synchronizing)
    calendar and phone explorer will follow and other Samsung phones as well)

  • sending and receiving SMS with then Samsung SHG-E330 is working, With the Samsung E300 only reading SMS.

  • add a tree view to the phone explorer

  • fixed problems with double items in the address book when syncing Nokia phones (with Palm Desktop)

  • fixed bug with the Palm Desktop 4.1.4: only up to 4 numbers were entered in the Palm Desktop

  • there is now a SMS lists for each profile

  • fixed bug: syncing only selected address book items and the do a new compare did result in double entries in the phone

  • fixed problems with registering tssOfficeMenu on some Windows XP systems with SP2

  • fixed bug syncing Nokia phone with Palm Desktop: contact items were always synced to the phone

  • receiving and sending SMS in text mode implemented (for the SamsungSGH-E330)

  • increased speed of the phone explorer

  • fixed bug in the PC Remote controller: connect caused an irregular exit

  • fixed some minor bugs

  • User Interface and help now in dutch

  • updated User Interface languages

  • improved the Outlook addin: now the buttons and menu will appear in every Outlook window (Ol XP/02 and 2003)

  • fixed problems with the Outlook Addin

  • added an autolist in the new SMS dialog to easily find the receiver

  • fixed bug: reading from ini file did sometimes get the wrong entry

  • fixed bug writing modified (Alarm) calendar items to siemens phones

  • suppressed a security warning from Outlook when reading the calendar items

build 911
beta 1

  • done new installation

  • now field combination when syncing with Netscape, Thunderbird is working, though you can store e.g. Lastname, Firstname to Nokia phones

  • now Notes of the Nokia phones can be read and written (tested only with the 6320)

  • added missing calendar categories for the M/S/SL65

  • speeded up loading of Mobile Master

  • fixed bug in the settings: profile paths for thunderbird and sunbird were sometimes mixed up.

  • improved SMS Servant: SMS Servant can now be still active while Mobile Master is loaded

  • done tests with the Siemens CX70 and Siemens SK65 and done some changes for it => working

  • fixed problem with the vodafone versions of the Siemens phones (S65, CX70)

  • new menu and button design in Office 03 Style

  • updated the help files (german, english, italiano, french, spanish)

  • fixed bug switching profiles (phone book header was sometimes wrong)

  • fixed bug: not all read SMS were not deleted

  • fixed: reading the SIM phonebook of nokia phones did not load the numbers

  • fixed bug: always the 1 sunbird calendar was used

  • SMS Servant: fixed problem sending SMS

  • fixed bug editing properties in the dialog: sometimes the wrong line was overwritten

  • fixed some minor bugs

Version 5.8.1:

build 852

  • Done extensive tests of syncing the contacts: K700i, M65, 6230, 6310i with Outlook, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop - and fixed some bugs.

  • Fixed bug exporting from Palm Desktop: empty Birthday was set to 00:00:00

  • fixed bugs sync with Palm Desktop: street and city were mixed up, only up to 5 phone numbers and email addresses have been exported

  • now double entries with the same name can be synced (Siemens S/M55, SE T610 or newer)

  • Done tests with the S65 => working

  • done tests with the Nokia 6100 => working

  • fixed problem with Siemens phones: 'OBEX internal server' occurred after settings the time/date

  • Now the notes/memos from Outlook and Palm Desktop can be imported

  • Fixed bug syncing with Palm Desktop by categories

  • Fixed bug writing calendar items (K700i)

  • Done tests with the Bat 3.0 => Import/Sync working

  • Fixed bug reading/writing the address book items from Thunderbird with long notes

  • Fixed bug creating backups

  • Added special filter for the address book

  • fixed bug writing address book items to the Nokia 6230

  • added reminder as calendar item for the Nokia 6230

  • now the default number (Nokia phones only) can be defined when synchronizing

  • added the option to define a signature for SMS (SMS Servant)

  • fixed bug when a.m. and p.m. is used instead of am and pm in time.

  • fixed bug reading the call lists

  • fixed bug deleting entry in the address book of the S/M45 (the phone sometimes does not answer)

  • added different workarounds for different daylight savings handling the siemens phones

  • fixed bug with calendar internal array

  • fixed bug with tasks: start and end date/time not allowed

Version 5.8.0:

beta 4
build 849

  • fixed bug reading syncing calendar (only in beta 3)

  • added some additional checking if all address book or calendar items are read, and if this is not the case all items are reread

beta 3
build 848

  • done some changes for the Bat! 3.x

  • done changes for Thunderbird 0.9

  • fixed bug importing (contacts were sometimes not listed)

  • fixed bug with explorer and the T610, now working: T610, K700, K500, CX65 via IR, BT, USB cable. Copying of files via IR with the T610 not possible!

  • fixed bug sync with the Palm Desktop (writing to the registry did not work)

  • fixed bug reading only the changed calendar items

  • fixed 1 hour time shift for appointments read from the phone (via OBEX) (due to creation time DLST different that current DLST)
    (Siemens x55, x65, Sony Ericsson T610, K700, each of them behaves different)

  • fixed bug reading the SIM phone book items from the K700i with int. prefix (+ was missing)

  • fixed bugs syncing the calendar with Palm Desktop (time offset problem fixed, alarm offset >= 60 minutes now handled correct, changed calendar item in the phone were not updated in the Palm Desktop)

beta 1
build 842

  • done tests with the Sony Ericsson S700i and the Sony Ericsson K500i: all seems to work

  • fixed the fields with the Nokia 6230.

  • reading/writing of phone book of the Nokia 6230, 7600 working (together with the Nokia PC Suite 5.1, 5.8, 6.1, 6.3, 6.4)

  • calendar with the Nokia 6230 working

  • now the default number of a contact can be set (for Nokia phones only)

  • fixed bug writing settings to ini file

  • fixed bug with the Nokia PC Suite 5.0 (with Nokia 6310i)

Version 5.7.7:

build 836

  • fixed some little bugs/problems with the setup wizard

  • fixed problems with PalmDesktop AddIn for the Palm Desktop 4.1.0

  • fixed problem listing all COM ports

Version 5.7.6:

build 832

  • fixed bug in the Mobile Master Agent settings

build 831

  • fixed bug: the date was not retrieved from Lotus Notes to check at sync what is newer.

  • fixed bug finding phone (RTS enable was not toggled)

Version 5.7.5:

beta 3
build 825

  • now there can be stored up to 2 elements of the same type in a phone book entry of the Nokia phones, e.g. the 6310. E.g. now you can store 2 mobile phone numbers, 2 addresses

  • fixed problems with Obex via cable (RTS enable on)

  • added settings for the Sony Ericsson Z500, T230

  • done some changes for the Nokia PC Suite 6.x

  • fixed bug sync calendar with Mozilla: alarm was always off in the phone

  • fixed bug sync with Thunderbird: special characters (Umlaute) were not converted

  • fixed bug sync with Mozilla/Thunderbird: some deleted addresses items were read as not deleted

  • fixed bug sync with Mozilla/Thunderbird: primary and second email address were mixed up

  • fixed bug reading the SIM and ME phonebooks and call lists

  • now new phone book items in the application are stored in the 1st contact folder that is set to sync

beta 2
build 823

  • fixed bug: on some systems the Palm Desktop crashed when started by Mobile Master (due to timing issues)

  • now in case the Palm Hotsync or the Nokia Connection Manager is quit, the icon is now removed from the systray

beta 1
build 821

  • fixed problems under Windows XP and restricted user rights (mobiles.ini, installer started each start of Mobile Master)

  • CX/M/S/SL65, address book: now only the fields containing data are written

  • fixed bug writing tasks and notes to the CX/M/S/SL65

  • fixed bug deleting notes

  • done changes for the Siemens Mobile phone manager

  • fixed problem reading calendar items from Lotus Notes

  • Added settings for the M56

  • done tests with the SL65 => all ok

  • now there is no longer a security warning when access the email addresses in Outlook

  • now for received and send SMS in Outlook are displayed with the correct sender/receiver and send time

  • fixed bug exporting contacts to Outlook 97

  • fixed bug creating a new folder in the phone explorer

  • fixed bug with appointments recurring every x week

  • fixed problem an Win ME; the Windows installed did start each time starting Mobile Master

  • done some changes for Palm Desktop 4.1.0

Version 5.7.4:


  • improved the SMS Servant AddIn:
    incoming calls can now be displayed, and the according contact in Outlook can be opened automatically

  • Done Tests with the Siemens M65: seems all to work, S65 and similar should wok as well

  • updated the ini file for the S65

  • fixed bug in the Copy station with the field assignment

  • the last virtual COM port of a bluetooth connection was not displayed in the list when it was above COM16

  • done changes for Mozilla Sunbird 0.2 because file locations and filenames have been changed (now profiles.ini)

  • fixed freeze on startup (Autoprofiles), or when a phone is connected via Irda

  • fixed bug: deleted calendar items in the phone were not removed in Mobile Master

  • fixed bug: reading the SM,ME phone book did not work

  • fixed bug when ini file has more than 32767 bytes

  • done changes for the Siemens 65 series: the alarm was always silent, now it is always on

  • fixed problems when user has no rights to write to program folder

  • fixed some graphical issues (black boxes) under Windows XP with Style XP

  • fixed problem/bug when checking for double entries

  • fixed bug comparing phonebook items with the Siemens Gigaset (SL1, SL100, SL150)

Version 5.7.3:

build 804

  • fixed problem with the T610 reading/writing calendar items

  • fixed bug writing phonebook and calendar items to the Siemens S/M55

  • now UTC is always used writing cal items via obex (so there should no longer be a timeshift)

  • fixed bug syncing the address book with mozilla (profile was wrong)

  • fixed bug writing the mozilla/thunderbird addressbook

  • fixed bug with the timeoffset ( and daylight savings)

  • fixed bug in the skins dialog when not all skins were installed

  • fixed bug importing contacts from Outlook using categories

  • fixed bug importing contacts from Palm Desktop

  • done a remote control: Sony Ercisson phones can be used to remote control the Windows PC.

  • added the battery level to the statusbar

  • done properties dialog: now the phone book entries can be edited in an extra dialog,
    the input fields for the calendar are displayed in an extra dialog (using F4 or Alt+Enter)

Version 5.7.2:

build 799

  • fixed bug syncing the address book with mozilla (profile was wrong)

  • fixed bug writing the mozilla/thunderbird addressbook

  • fixed bug with the timeoffset ( and daylight savings)

  • fixed bug in the skins dialog when not all skins were installed

  • fixed bug importing contacts from Outlook using categories

  • fixed bug importing contacts from Palm Desktop

  • done a remote control: Sony Ercisson phones can be used to remote control the Windows PC.

Version 5.7.1:

beta 3
build 791

  • fixed bug that caused Mobile Master to hang during startup.

beta 3
build 790

  • fixed severe bug: saving did not save all phone book entries to the file, though this resulted in double item in the phone the next sync (T610,..., S55,...)

  • added support for the Siemens Dect Gigaset phones SL1, SL100,SL150 and compatibles (sync not yet working)

  • fixed bug loading backup

beta 2
build 784

  • done new real skins, including the title bar and border for

  • fixed bug displaying the SMS (received  SMS were not visible)

  • sync with Lotus Notes: if not private address book is found the public ones can be used

  • fixed bug with desktop managers (like Vern)

  • now the categories can be selected when importing from Palm Desktop

  • fixed problem when unselecting the 1st category or folder in the sync settings

  • fixed bug writing address book item with special char to the S/M/SL55/65 T610/618/630/Z600/K700i

  • fixed bug with duplication of address book items in the K700i

  • fixed some minor bugs and graphical issues

beta 1
build 7??

  • improved synchronizing the calendar and address book

  • Mobile Master Agent: now you can call a person via the tray icon

  • done changes for the Sony Ercisson K700i, now address book, calendar, phone explorer are working with SE K700i

  • now the phone explorer works with the SX65

  • redone parts of the calendar sync

  • added backup of the outlook contacts

  • now only the changes since last reading of the phonebook / calendar is read => much faster (S/M/SL55, SX65, T610/630, Z500)

  • fixed bug syncing calendar with outlook: the location was not stored in outlook

  • fixed bug exporting to Lotus Notes

  • fixed bug: syncing via the Mobile Master Agent did not sync the address/phone book

  • fixed bug in the calendar sync that did duplicate items

  • fixed bug writing the calendar file (vcs)

Version 5.7.0:

beta 2
build 740

  • fixed bug writing to the SIM and ME phone book

beta 2
build 737

  • Added first support for the Siemens SX55 (not yet fully tested!, not all fields supported)

  • Notes can now be read and written (Siemens S(L)/M55)

  • Now the C62 is supported (SM phone book, phone explorer and SMS)

  • fixed bug writing phone book items to the S45

  • fixed bug: menu item in Outlook was blank

  • fixed bug: Mobile Master was not started from the Palm Desktop via the menu

  • fixed crash in the Sms Servant and Mobile Master Agent

  • fixed bug recognizing the T68(i)

  • fixed bug reading the call lists form Nokia phones

  • fixed bug copying and deleting files in subdirectories in the M/S/SL55

  • recurring appointments e.g. every Monday, Wednesday were not sync the phone correctly

  • auto switching of profiles now checks the imsi

beta 1
build 734

  • fixed problem when deleting calendar item in Mozilla, Outlook and then syncing to the T61/630,S55,M55,...

  • added support for the Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Sunbird calendar

  • now synchronizing of the contacts to Mozilla/Netscape/Thunderbird is possible

  • enhanced the backup features (backup of the data files of Mozilla/Netscape/Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, ACT!)

  • recoded the main parts of the import of the contacts from Mozilla/Netscape/Thunderbird

  • in the phone explorer: smo and smi files are automatically converted to txt files

  • fixed bug with field combinations

  • fixed bug: starting a sync from Outlook, Palm Desktop or Mobile Master Agent only one item was stored in the phone

  • fixed bug copying files from the phone in the phone explorer

  • fixed bug editing phone book (SM and ME only) entries of the T610 (the photo dialog appeared)

  • fixed bug long street name and with line feed in the S55

  • fixed bug importing contacts from Netscape, Mozilla or Thunderbird: always the 1st profile was used

  • fixed bug: sync calendar with Palm Desktop: completed tasks were treated as uncompleted

  • fixed bug: sending long sms did always request a status report

  • fixed bug with AM/PM time: AM was always shifted by one hour

  • fixed bug reading phone book items from the SM, ME phone books (T610)

  • fixed little problems in the Setup Wizard

  • SMS Servant Outlook AddIn: Now the cell phone number from Outlook are read in to select the receiver

Version 5.6.2:

build 723

  • added a Mobile Master menu to the Palm Desktop

  • now you can click at links in SMS to open the explorer or new mail

  • fixed bug with categories of calendar items in Lotus Notes

  • added a status window, that is displayed (instead of the the full Mobile Master window) when sync is started e.g. from Outlook or with command line parameter sync, sync 0, sync 1 or sync 2

  • improved support for Palm Desktop 4.1.4

  • the call list should now be read in correctly for UTF8 coding

  • fixed bug in the Outlook AddIn (for Ol 2k)

  • fixed bug: reoccurring appointments that started in the past were not synced.

  • fixed bug sending long SMS

  • SMS Servant: long SMS can now be sent and are now displayed correctly

  • fixed bug displaying SMS status report

Version 5.6.1:

build 718

  • fixed bug  sorting of the sms lists

  • fixed bug: spaces were removed in the S/SL/M55

  • fixed bug with ; in the S/SL/M55

  • fixed bug with obex: when rereading due error double entries were displayed

  • S/SL/M55: the fax is no longer stored in both fax fields in the phone

  • fixed bug writing a new calendar entry (T610, etc.)

  • the focus is no longer set to Mobile Master when starting Mobile Master with sync command

Version 5.6.0:

build 714

  • fixed bug: Mobile Master Agent did not work on Win XP as normal User

  • fixed bug: skins did not work

  • new button bar in the send sms dialog

  • continued with the SMS Servant: sending and receiving of SMS with Outlook, Receiving SMS with Lotus Notes

  • fixed bug reading the phone book (Mobile Master hangs in ConvertUmlauteFromFile)

  • fixed bug: tray icon menu appeared at the 2nd display if there were a 2nd one

Version 5.5.9:

build 710

  • first version of the SMS Servant released, which is included in the Mobile Master package

  • fixed bug syncing the calendar: new item from the phone were only stored in Lotus Notes,... during a second sync

  • fixed bug with the alarm offset

  • fixed bug: sometimes the baud rate was set to 115200 after recognizing a phone at lower baud rate

  • fixed bug: adding a calendar item and then sending it twice to the phone did result in 2 item sin the phone (S/M55, T610)

  • sometimes when reading the phone book from the M55 a data block is corrupted => now the phone book is reread in this case

  • M/S/SL55: there is no longer a space saved as first name if it should be empty.

  • fixed bug: syncing calendar items to Lotus Notes 5 did result in doubled items in Notes.

Version 5.5.8:

build 707

  • fixed bug importing the contacts from Netscape/Mozilla/Thunderbird (sometimes not all contacts have been imported)

build 706

  • S/M55, etc: copy files to the phone now working

  • fixed bug: the alarm was not set in Lotus Notes when creating a new appointment

  • fixed bug: reading the SMS archive from the M55 did not work

  • fixed bug, phone explorer: special characters are now displayed correctly

  • fixed bug: exiting Mobile Master while communicating with the phone did not end the Mobile Master process

  • fixed bug: with the customs fields in the Palm Desktop

Version 5.5.7:

build 700

  • now the sort arrows are moved when the columns are resized.

  • fixed bug with special chars (Umlaute) in the last version

  • now all utf-7 encoded characters are displayed correctly (for extended latin, greek, cyrillic, ...)
    but sending to the phone not yet working

  • fixed bug with the daylight saving

  • added button bar with Office XP look

  • added crash detection when accessing Lotus Notes 6.5

  • added the field pager for Outlook

Version 5.5.6:

build 691

  • fixed bug: filter settings were not reloaded when using Menu Filter->Filter.

  • fixed bug in the Palm Desktop Addin when exporting data

  • fixed bug with day light savings (Sommerzeit)

  • fixed bug with the separator (; or ,) for categories in Outlook
    now the value from the registry is used

  • fixed bug in the Mobile Master Agent

  • added some error handling for Lotus notes 6.5

  • new help (German) is finished (English and other languages will follow)

  • fixed bug with latin extended charset that were in the last revision

  • fixed bug: send a new entry twice to the phone (T610, S/M55) then there were created 2 entries in the phone

Version 5.5.5:


  • new German homepage online

build 689

  • improve the Mobile Master Agent and fixed bug: Sony Ericsson phones were not found

  • fixed bug with special characters (Umlaute etc.) in the last release

build 687

  • Mobile Master Agent: scan interval was always set to 10

build 686

  • fixed little bug finding a Siemens phone

  • fixed bug: pressing ESC while editing a cell did not leave the cell with undo

  • fixed bug: undo did not work when leaving the cell by clicking at another cell

  • fixed bug in the settings of the Mobile Master Agent

  • fixed bug: Mobile Master Agent did sometimes not find the phone on IR

build 685

  • fixed bug with syncing by categories with Outlook

  • improved the Mobile Master Agent

  • added some more special chars for Latin Extended-A and fixed bug

  • fixed bug in the last release: the 1st Mobile Master was run the NavBar width was set to 0

  • updated the Mobile Master Agent: it has now the same skin as Mobile Master
    and added some menu items

build 684

  • removed special chars from the filenames of the language files.

  • fixed bug: in the last release special chars were not stored correctly in the calendar of the S/Me45

  • fixed bug: in the last release sometimes only the 1st address book item was loaded when Mobile Master was started

build 683

  • added support for the Palm Desktop 4.1.2

  • started with support for Latin Extended-A (and others) charset

  • now the command line args are working when Mobile Master is already running

  • now the outlook menu is working even if Mobile Master is already active

  • now the field birthday (in the phone) can be assigned to any field (in the application)

  • fixed bug: flash SMS did not work

  • fixed bug: repeating appointments were double the next sync

  • fixed bug importing some smo/smi files

  • fixed bug: prefix was not stored if changed in the settings->filter

  • fixed bug: writing of new calendar and task items to the S/M55 did not work (OBEX error)

  • fixed bug: turning off the alarm of an appointment was not stored wit alarm off

  • fixed bug: email addr. of the Siemens S/Me45 was not displayed in the last version

  • fixed bug: field mapping for the 2 email and 2 faxno in the S/M55 are now mapped correctly

  • fixed bug: folders from Outlook 97/98 were not read in and displayed in the settings

  • fixed bug: calendar: subject was missing after sync with Siemens S/M55, categories are now correct

  • tasks are now working with the Siemens S/M55

  • fixed bug: not all task were listed from the Siemens S/M55, SE T6xx, Z600

  • special chars are now transferred as special chars to the phone (Siemens S/M55, SE T6xx, Z600)

  • fixed bug sync calendar with Mozilla calendar

  • fixed bug: folder settings were sometimes not displayed correct

build 653
beta 1

  • now the Siemens SM55 can be used without the Siemens Data Suite => less problems and faster

  • done tests with the Sony Ericsson Z600 => all seems to work as with the T610

  • now and , is accepted as separator for categories in Outlook as well (as the ;)

  • fixed problem with the navigation bar button: when clicking at a button, drag&drop where activated to quick

  • fixed bug with calendar sync: sometimes full recurring day events of the same day where mixed up.

  • fixed bug: alarm of tasks in Outlook where not stored in the phone

  • fixed bug importing sms

  • fixed bugs syncing with the Palm Desktop

  • fixed bug comparing the calendar (after reload from the phone)

  • fixed bug importing from Outlook by categories

Version 5.5.4:

build 649

  • fixed bug with the navigation bar

build 648

  • fixed problem selecting phonebooks in the settings

  • added the field 'company' for the Bat

  • fixed bug with Shift-S and Shift-V

  • if a item shall no longer be synced (because the category of it was changed) it will be asked whether to delete the item in the phone or not.

  • fixed bug with doubled calendar entries in the phone of repeating appointments

  • fixed bug: the header in the SMS was not displayed since version 5.5.2

  • fixed bug: now the names are displayed in the SMS center when using a Sony Ercisson phone

  • added Portuguese (BR) language (thanks to Giulio)

  • updated French language file (thanks to Jean-Yves)

  • calendar and T610: now the subject can be edited in the big edit field

  • fixed bug in the SMS center

  • fixed bug: switching profile did show ...\thunderbird\... not found

  • fixed bug: contact was duplicated (in the phone) if the last name was too long for the field in the phone

  • fixed bug: menu was disabled after pressing sync button

Version 5.5.3:

build 646

  • added sync with Mozilla Thunerbird

  • now working with Siemens M55

  • fixed bug: renaming of groups did not work

  • fixed bug reading in the dial lists

  • fixed bug: finding phone, when it is a Sony Ericsson phone did sometimes have problems

  • fixed bug: phone explorer with T610 reported error 'unauthorized'

  • when turning off skins, the some borders were colored

  • fixed bug: button bar was to high with some languages

  • fixed problem disconnecting the Nokia Connection Manager from a phone 

  • added option to define an additional offset for the calendar

  • fixed bug: new phone book entry did not work after having sent one ore more entries to the phone (Sony Ericsson)

  • fixed bug with a 'new line' in a field

  • done a workaround, when writing to the registry failed

  • fixed bug: with replacing the int. prefix

  • fixed problem connecting to nokia phones

Version 5.5.2:

build 643

  • fixed problem when smartmenuxp was not registered in windows

  • fixed bug comparing names, when first name is equal but the last name differs.

  • fixed bug with the location of calendar items when syncing with the S55

  • improved alternative fields for Outlook Express

  • fixed bug with m:\1.vcf and m:\Template.vcf


Version 5.5.1:

build 637

  • the navigation bar is now customizable

  • fixed some bugs

  • now field combinations (e.g. Store 'last name, first name' in the phone as 'name') when syncing with Outlook Express are possible

  • added the menu View

  • continued with the phone explorer (e.g. added context menu, deleting of files, copying of files using ctrl+c)

  • The phone book of the SE T300 can now be read (only the phone numbers. it seems to be not possible to get the other fields)

  • fixed bug: importing from Outlook using drag&drop did not work

  • fixed with calendar items that where set to phone call

  • now the columns of the calendar can be customizes

  • now the sms archive of Siemens phones are read in as well

Version 5.5.0:

build 636
beta 3

  • fixed problem with field assignment Firstname =Lastname and Lastname=Firstname

  • optimized phone explorer

  • reading, writing and syncing of calendar items of the T610 implemented

  • fixed bug comparing calendar items

  • fixed bug in settings->contacts->options selecting categories/folders

  • fixed bug syncing/writing date and time to the T610

  • fixed bug importing from adr-files

  • fixed bug dialing a number from the phone book list

  • phone book of the T68i now supported

  • call lists of the T610, T68 are now read correctly (with date and time)

  • fixed bug: items deleted in the phone were not deleted in the Palm Desktop

  • fixed bug: fields company and country when importing from Netscape/Mozilla

build 635
beta 2

  • added support for the phone book of the Sony Ericsson T610

  • added the Phone Explorer to browse through the file system of the T610 or S55, and copy files

  • added option to add automatically a 0 to the country code (in Outlook)

  • fixed bug when switching profile

  • fixed bug: erase list in the dialog 'new/send sms'  did not work

  • added check, if an entry was deleted in Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.

  • added option to disconnect the phone after x seconds inactivity

 build 630
beta 1

  • done XP Style menus

  • added dialog to delete duplicates

  • fixed bug/improved the updater

  • fixed bug with the standard phone book (selecting new entry did delete all)

  • added support for the Siemens MC60

  • fixed bug with the alarm of calendar items when alarm is set to x minutes before the start (Siemens phones)

build 619
beta 0

  • First release of the Mobile Master Agent: 
    this is a little tray icon application scanning (in the background) for your phone. If your phone is recognized, e.g. Mobile Master is started.

  • fixed hung when displaying file preview

  • fixed bug sorting the address book with address book one item and phone book more that one item

  • implemented replace

  • improved the Copy Station